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      NIKA (Veronika Hovhannisyan)

      Nika was born in Armenia in 1963.

      From early childhood she was very artistic, showing interest  in drawing,  painting and creating with her hands…

      She got her artistic  and professional education in Armenia. Where she grew up surrounded by amazing artworks of her grandfather,  well- known artist V. Gayfedjian. She also took private lessons from other well-known Armenian artists.

      …Behind her back now are many art shows and personal exhibitions, back home and in Canada. Her art is mostly in private collections and in a prestigious Museum of collections of Echmiadzin  Apostolic Church in Armenia.

      She is a member of many professional Associations.

      Nika is very versatile in using different techniques and mediums, which allows her to bring forth her unique reflection of nature and world around us.

      Style of her art , in general,  can be called Neoclassical. It combines a full bright expressiveness of composition, impressionistic airiness of the color palette with richness and fine nuances of picturesque texture, following definiteness of the plastic form.

      In her crafts  Nika resonates with her deep emotional understanding and connection to the spirit realm. Being adopted by one of the indigenous  tribes, and following  the traditions  of that culture makes it possible for people to own a genuine piece of native art  with a modern day touch!

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      3 products