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      Deb Hatton is the owner, operator and Head Dipologist at Debʼs Dips Inc founded in October of 2000.

      Some would think that it was a love of dip that started it all, but it was not! It was actually her passion for flavour and how she could bring the flavours together in balance without adding artificial ingredients or too much salt! Believe it or not, it was the science behind it that had Deb hooked from the beginning and has her passionately coming up with new flavours to try!

      Deb knew that if she was going to be a household name in dips, the perfect flavour assortment was a must! Before she even started, she developed twelve amazing flavours for her launch at St Jacobʼs Farmers Market. She has been mastering new flavours ever since and now has 24 in her Gourmet Dip and Seasoning Mixes and 4 flavours of her new Crispy Crackers Saltines Seasoning Mixes.

      St Jacobʼs Farmers Market was where she started and it was not long before she had valued customers who were visiting her on a regular basis. After 5 years at the market, Deb decided to expand her business across Ontario doing trade shows, craft shows, fairs and festivals. It was not long before Deb and her dips were well known across Ontario! Debʼs permanent location is at the 400 Market where you can find a full selection every weekend through the year. She also has a full online store and ships nationwide!

      If you ask Deb what her favourite thing about dips is, itʼs that they can be used in so many ways but mostly they bring people together; in her own words “Good food brings people together and there is no party without a dip BUT there can be a dip without a party!” It really speaks to her love for life, her passion for the business and the bonds she has developed with so many people over the years.

      Fast forward and itʼs been 21 years and it just keeps getting better! With a new look, new site, a new shop and new products Deb is excited to see what the future holds! To all existing customers, we thank you for your support! To all our new ones, welcome and we hope you enjoy it!

      8 products

      8 products