The Acid Man


      Hi my name is Mary Jane and I’m the owner of The Acid Man.

      I believe in living a natural life, sustainable living and connecting back with Mother Nature, back to ourselves.

      I started creating my own beeswax candles and bath salt potions because when I looked around and noticed there weren’t any clean options, made with natural ingredients and plastic free. I decided to make my own.

      I also love gardening and so I wanted to incorporate that into my craft. The flowers in my products are all organically grown in my garden. Each candle and bath salt potion is carefully crafted with intention when creating them. I pour so much love into making my products; I hope you fell these vibrations as well.

      I wanted to add something special to the candles and bath potions, crystals! These add a beautiful touch to the products and you get to have something to keep once the candle or salts are finished.

      “You have two homes: Earth and Your Body. Take care of them.” - Unknown

      3 products

      3 products