Become a Maker

We are accepting new applications!

Interested in becoming an artisan at The Maker’s Mark? We would love to hear from you! We are incredibly passionate about creating a supportive community for local handmade artisans and also about helping one another thrive. The Maker’s Mark is a place where handmade, small businesses can grow and be successful. Want the benefits of a bricks and mortar retail store space, without the risks and overhead costs? The Maker’s Mark is the perfect place for you! We have provided a link to our application page below.

There are many different ways to join The Maker’s Mark family:

  • Become a maker in our RETAIL BOUTIQUE
  • Become a maker on our WEBSITE
  • Opt into THE MAKER’S BOX
  • Host a WORKSHOP or EVENT

You can participate in as many or as few of these activities as you wish.

Here’s how it works:

You select the activities you’d like to participate in and the size/type of retail space that you want. Once you bring your product to the store and set it up on the shelves, you go home! You pay The Maker’s Mark a monthly membership fee and we take care of selling your products, processing the payments, packaging them in bags for customers, and then remitting the earnings to you.

The benefits of becoming a maker:

Along with all the usual activities involved in running a retail space (like staffing the store, general maintenance, handling payment transactions and keeping inventory) we offer the following services to our valued artisans:

  • All purchases are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and packed in decorative bags
  • Hourly upkeep of the space and the shelves, including tidying
  • Knowledgeable staff member on hand to answer customer questions about your products
  • Maker bios and business logos are displayed throughout the retail space and on the website
  • Consistent store hours. The store is open at minimum 5 days a week. (With extended hours leading up to the holidays)
  • Security cameras and security alarm
  • Inventory management system
  • Monthly sales reports and payouts via e-transfer at the beginning of the following month
  • Social media, paid PR support and earned media coverage

Some of the unique things that we offer our makers at The Maker’s Mark:

  • All store shelving is provided, so the displays have a cohesive look. That means vendors don’t have to personally purchase a dedicated display shelf and go through the hassle of lugging it to the store and setting it up. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring in small display supports to use within the larger shelves.
  • We offer every vendor a FREE small storage space in the back room, to hold extra product. This is especially helpful for vendors who are located a distance from the store, as it allows them to keep more products ‘at the ready’ for restocking and it also reduces the need to visit the store frequently for restocking. (Although, we are always thrilled to have our makers pop in for a visit at any time!)
  • We can restock and merchandise your shelves with product from the back storage area if you wish, for FREE.
  • We also offer FREE restocking services for those who can’t make it to the store in person. Just send us your goods via mail/courier and we will put them out for you.
  • FREE customer pick ups for sales you make elsewhere (e.g. on your personal website, through markets etc.) As long as the product has already been paid for, the customer can pick it up at The Maker’s Mark at no extra cost to you and at no extra cost to them. If you need us to accept payment for the item on your behalf, then a small fee will apply to cover payment-processing costs.
  • Access to corporate sales (and quantities) via The Maker’s Box.
  • In house professional photography capability.


We offer several different shelf sizes and types, including wall space, in our retail store. They range in price from $60 to $360 per month. More detailed pricing information is available on our Maker Application form. 

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