About Us

Hi! We are Erin and Meghan, the creative team behind The Maker’s Mark!
We are fellow makers, small business owners, and moms, who met one another while selling our respective handmade goods on the artisan market ‘circuit’. We connected immediately over our shared passion for supporting the handmade community and over our desire to find a ‘better way’ of doing things. Traditional market shows are quite labour intensive, time consuming, and can also be fairly expensive to take part in. Makers spend hours lugging their goods in and out of venues, setting up displays and taking them down again all within the course of a couple of hours. These markets rely on the makers being physically present, and also on their ability to effectively sell their own goods, which is something that not everyone is skilled at. Noticing all this, we saw a need for a new kind of resource in our community – a permanent retail location where local artisans could sell their high quality handmade goods year-round, without incurring all the costs and risks normally associated with owning a storefront space. A place where makers could set up their wares once, and then rely on the support of others to help sell their goods over the course of several weeks. There was no such place locally within our community, so we knew we had to do something.
We also lamented that while creative work is incredibly fulfilling, it can also be very lonely work too. We saw a need for a venue that would bring makers together to collaborate, give them an accessible outlet to teach others, the ability to learn new skills themselves, and also a way to directly connect with their customers. What better way to fulfill these needs than with an artisan boutique and creative workshop space?!
And that, my friends, is how The Maker’s Mark came to be…
This has been an incredible journey for us. Almost a full year in the making, the process of opening our retail store space has been met with MANY obstacles. Not the least of which was a global pandemic! But we’ve adapted and persevered (like creative makers must do) and come through the other side stronger than ever. In some ways, the hurdles we faced were a blessing in disguise, because they forced us to really evaluate our plans and adapt them for the better. In fact, the entire corporate arm of the business, The Maker’s Box, was created as a response to the pandemic lockdowns.
So after a very long (and admittedly frustrating) search, we have finally found a physical home for The Maker’s Mark!  We are thrilled to finally open our doors! We can’t wait to see you.
Erin and Meghan.