The Maker's Mark Artisan Application Form

We are currently accepting applications for new makers at our curated artisan boutique.  Please see our application form at the bottom of this page.

We offer several membership levels for our retail store. They range in price from $60 to $360 per month. For those looking to join us for ONLY the holiday season, please refer to our Holiday Membership Packages.

From September to December we offer 6 month memberships OR Holiday Memberships.

Our membership options are as follows:

A minimum of 1 calendar month written notice is required if makers wish to cancel their membership. Makers must fill out and submit the formal notice form (available on our maker portal) before the 1st of the month, in order for the notice to apply to that month.

Membership fees are paid on a monthly basis, in advance. For example, the membership fees for August are due at the end of July.

Makers will receive their fee invoice several days before the end of the month and must pay their invoice before the final day of that month. Payments can be made through the invoice link or via e-transfer to

A late payment fee of $5 per day will be charged on outstanding fee invoices.

We offer a consignment option of a total of 40% for oversized art and furniture ONLY.



How much space exactly will I get?

Each membership level has a different square footage. Each space is tailored to the type of product you have. A space for one maker may look a little different than another. Here are some examples of what our memberships may look like.

When will I hear back once I apply?

We try our absolute best to get back to everyone. However, due to the high volume of applications that we process, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a reply.  We are a highly curated shop so that we can offer our customers a unique shopping experience full of variety AND in order to limit competition between the makers in our space. This means that our application acceptance process takes longer than most stores that are similar to ours. This process can take weeks depending on volume. We spend a great deal of time carefully considering each and every applicant. We do our best to get back to as many makers as possible as quickly as possible. 

All accepted makers will be contacted via email. Please check your junk mail folder. Please also note that accepted applications can take time to process due to volume - you may hear back several weeks after you apply. We do keep all applications on file and will automatically place makers we cannot accept on a wait-list. 

Are you still accepting applications?

We are still welcoming new makers, however, we do have a few categories that are full.  Candle, Soap, mala/beaded bracelets and gemstone jewellery categories are currently full. Feel free to still fill out an application if your category is full, and we will place you on our wait-list.

Can I sell with other retail stores?

Absolutely!  Your success is our success!  We want all of our makers to be able to make their business as successful as possible!  The more places you are at the larger audience you have!  Currently the nearest similar marketplace type store is 40km away, if that changes we may slightly update our policy, but otherwise please showcase your work wherever you can!

Can I choose my space?

If we accept you as a maker, we will look at what types of spaces would be best for your product, and place you where we feel is the best option for your work.  Ultimately to keep it fair to all makers we will choose where to place your work.

Why do you use square footage to note the space?

Every maker does something different! We do not want to be stuck offering a 2x3 or 4x5 foot space, when those dimensions do not work for every artisan. This way we can be more flexible for everyone!

Can I come see the space before I sign up?

Absolutely! Come check us out during business hours, and we will show you some options if we have a chance to!

How do I move in?

We send a welcome package to all accepted makers that will include a link to book a move in time.

How do I give you inventory information?

We send a welcome package to all accepted makers that will include a document for you to note your inventory, which is then uploaded into our system.

How do I know if my products have sold?

All of our makers will have access to our maker portal, which shares sales information and inventory counts.

When can I restock?

Once you have moved in, you can restock any time we are open!  Just make sure to send your inventory info ahead of time.

Do I need to commit to several months?

With the exception of the Entry level membership, we ask all new makers to initially commit to three months with us, then offer month to month after that. (For the Entry level membership, we require an initial six month commitment). However, membership fees are still paid monthly, so you do not have to pay three (or six) months worth of fees up front. We require 1 calendar month notice if you decide to leave. Please note, due to the very busy nature of the holiday season, we do not process move outs from November 1st-Dec 31st.


Please only fill out an application form if you intend to join us upon acceptance. 

Remember to check your junk mail!  Sometimes our welcome packages make it to junk instead of your inbox.

Alternate Application Form




Vendor Application

Yes - I'd like to post up to 15 products for $15/month
Yes - I'd like to post all my products for $25/month
No - The included products are enough
In the process of setting up insurance
Yes - I understand that I will be required to provide my products at a reduced rate for The Maker's Box program.

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