Pen & Posy


      As a maker of all kinds, I have settled quite happily into the world of watercolour. Flowers are my

      main inspiration. I enjoy taking pictures of flowers, studying them and using them in my artwork. My

      artwork is intended to encourage a smile, and hopefully delight the recipient.

      Indulging in art later in life, I continue to learn new techniques and adapt my art style. I like to play

      with a variety of themes, recalling moments I have enjoyed; watching light dance across water, a

      butterfly casually passing by, a tangle of cheerful wildflowers. I try to capture these moments in my

      limited print series of note cards.

      My note card collection is updated seasonally and for special occasions. These cards make it

      convenient and affordable to be prepared for any occasion!

      Other art projects I have worked on include a series of pen and ink floral monograms, acrylic

      illustrated mandalas, and brightly coloured gouache paintings for children’s rooms. Occasionally, I

      make my original paintings available for purchase. I accept inquiries about commission work.

      Thanks for checking us out and supporting local artisans!

      16 products

      16 products