My Magic Tent

My Magic Tent

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Once again the Fairy Queen teleports Ara, and her little brother Felice, into a fairytale.

They land in the Kingdom of Lavender where Sleeping Beauty lives. 

What is their mission in this magical world?

A chapter book for children aged 5-10, grades 1-5.

Ara and Felice uncover a conspiracy, but soon they face their biggest challenge: The Rialiani Test. 

Can the siblings discover the real reason behind Sleeping Beauty’s curse?

Will they be in time to save her?

EXCERPTS from the book

"...Just as we take our first steps, I hear a snap! The next thing we know, we are in a cottage, deep inside the forest, with tight ropes around us."

Do you like retelling of classic tales with adventure and mystery?

Join Ara and Felice, in this fantasy adventure to uncover a plot that was planned for Sixteen Years!