Wax Carving (NewMakeIt) - March 16th, 23 and April 6 2023

Wax Carving (NewMakeIt) - March 16th, 23 and April 6 2023

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Class Duration: 3 x 3 Hours
Time: 6 to 9 pm
Cost: $260 + HST
Instructor: Jim Travers


This workshop is a fantastic introduction to Jewellery Wax Carving. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to prepare and shape waxes for casting jewellery, this introductory class is for you! This is a 2-session workshop, in which you will make a beautiful cast ring.

Session 1 and 2:  Learn how to size, carve, and form the wax model to create your ring. There will be different textures to choose from for your ring: filing/faceted, drilling, cut-out, etc. Once you complete the form and texture, you’ll learn how to remove all rough surfaces from the filing and make it smooth to get it ready for the next step, which is to send it to the casting house.

Please note: you will not be casting the ring yourself in this workshop. After you complete your wax ring in the first session, we’ll take it to the casting house to cast it for you in silver.

Session 3: You’ll receive your newly-cast ring. At this time, you may see the original rough-looking metal surface that can result after casting, before cleaning and polishing is done. You’ll learn how to cut the sprue from the casting, and then file, clean, polish, and finish your ring! You’ll have several different options for the finish of your ring, such as a shiny polish or a brushed finish with patina.

No previous experience necessary!

Materials Fee: This fee will vary based on several factors: ring size, width and thickness of the ring(s) you design, and the material you choose. The heavier the ring is, the higher the material fee will be. As an estimate: for the purple wax models in the photo, participants should budget approximately $40 for 2 thinner rings OR 1 wider ring (when cast in sterling silver).

The final material cost of your ring(s) will be determined by the size/weight of your final wax(es); once you complete your wax(es) in the first session, we’ll check the weight and estimate the material cost with you.

Please note: Workshop participants must be 16 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have parental consent / a signed waiver. 

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