The Adventurous Kids Book

The Adventurous Kids Book

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A Magical book teleports Sola and Jackie, to Magic Town, where they are setup for a critical mission.

Readers' Favorite FIVE STAR Review!

A chapter book for children aged 3-8, grades K-3.

Sola and Jackie find a mysterious book. When they start reading the book, Magic Begins! 

They land in Magic Town where a Magic Rose has been stolen.

These kids are now on a quest!

Who stole the Magic Rose?

Will they be able to get it back?

How will Sola and Jackie find a way back home?

EXCERPTS from the book

"...The cars can be seen flying around 

...the houses can be seen dancing and the people inside the house sleepwalking."

If you like adventure, imagination and courage, this is a story you definitely want to read!