Pair Three Travel Edition

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What can you do with the 400+ 3-letter words in the English language?
You make a word game out of them - PAIR THREE.

A word game where spelling is NOT required!

PAIR THREE is a simple word games where players connect three-letter words through certain relationships. Several modes of play.

Components: The game comes with 108 lasercut wooden tiles, each containing four 3-letter words
or 108 lasercut cardstock paper cards in two styles in either a 2-inch cube or a metal tin.

Goal: Be the first player to discard all your tiles.
Four ways to play.

Matching Rules:
A word can be placed adjacent to another word when at least two letters match.

First two letters match: men and met
Last two letters match: doe and toe
First & last letters match: red and rod
All three letters match: rat and art

Additionally, relate 300+ compound words and phrases:
ask for, eat out, dog tag, bed bug, pay cut, pen pal, gym rat, dry out, ice cap, gasbag, seabed, batman …
carrot, menace, barred, tiered, garage, digits, cotton, market, Carmen, Margot, Dayton, Red Sea …
Movie names: Top Gun, Ant Man, The Box, Con Air, Cop Out

Optionally, allow:
Homophones: bye and buy, won and one
Mirrored letter pairs: got and fog, win and ink
Related connections: sun hot, hen egg, cap hat, arm leg, man boy