Nuno Felting With Jane Jacobs - Jan 21st

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Jane Jacobs will be teaching this course in Nuno felting (coined by felt artist Polly Sterling).  It is a technique of felting onto some other textile.  You will be making a scarf with a hand dyed silk gauze base and hand dyed merino wool felted onto it.

Felting is an ancient art, around 8,000 years old. Felting is the process of transforming wool into a dense "cloth". With wet felting, you use heat, agitation and moisture (usually warm soapy water) to bond the wool fibres together into a strong textile. Nuno felting (a reasonably new term) is the process of felting wool onto other textiles or other textiles onto wool.

This workshop is great for anyone who wants to try something "different." (It can become addictive!) Learn different techniques for nuno felting in the morning session and develop your skills to create a nuno felted piece (a scarf is one possibility) in the afternoon session.

January 21stFrom 11am-4pm

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