Kenyan Earl Grey - High Caffeine

Kenyan Earl Grey - High Caffeine

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Why you'll love it A cup of Kenyan Earl Grey will brighten your day! Cold-pressed organic bergamot oranges marry perfectly with the natural fruity notes of our Kenyan black tea. Black tea caffeine provides you with focused energy!  Award-Winning Taste Aromatic & Rich, Bright Citrus & Wildflower

High Caffeine, 50 mg caffeine/cup

100% Natural Ingredients :Rainforest Alliance Kenyan Black Tea, Organic Cold-Pressed Bergamot Oil.

Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.

Steeping Instructions:

leaf 1 teaspoon tea or 1 tea bag per 1 cup water

Boil 175 F

Steep 3 mins,

Resteep 6 mins