Jewellery: Rolling Rings Workshop - June 30, 2022

Create your own rolling Ring

About this experience

This workshop is run by NewMakeit and takes place in our workshop space.

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Class Duration: 3.5 Hours
Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm
Cost and Material Options: 
$120 (Option 1)
$135 (Option 2)
Instructor: Jim Travers

Create your own Rolling Ring in this workshop! Also known as Trinity Rings, these rings feature multiple linked bands that roll up and down your finger when worn. You will create a ring that may feature mixed metals (sterling silver, copper, and/or brass), and various finishes & textures, and come away from the evening with a ready-to-wear Rolling Ring!

Materials Option 1 (Included in course fee):

  • Mixed Metals (Copper, Brass, and 1 Sterling Silver band)

Materials Option 2 (Additional $15):

All Sterling Silver (3 bands)


The Maker's Mark
16655 Yonge Street
Units 19 + 20
Newmarket, Ontario
L3X 1V6


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