BOOK: My Magic Mirror

BOOK: My Magic Mirror

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Fairy Queen teleports Ara, and her little brother Felice, to Pown(Pig Town), the town of "The Three Little Pigs".

What is their mission in the magical world of talking animals?

Readers' Favorite Gold Award Winner!

A chapter book for children aged 5-10, grades 1-5.

The siblings have to rescue the Three Little Pigs from the Big Bad Wolf. 

But wait! The kids soon realize that the Big Bad Wolf may not be as BAD!

Instead there is a bigger conspiracy behind the scenes, which now might ruin their adventure.

Retelling of the Tale "The Three Little Pigs" with a unique twist!

EXCERPTS from the book

"....All I see is a golden ray of light. There is no landing spot visible in my line of sight. 

It feels like I am on a high-speed rollercoaster. I want to scream again, but I am paralyzed. Paralyzed, and, apparently, upside-down."


If you like adventure, mystery, kindness, courage and sibling-humour, this is a story you don't want to miss!

Join Ara and Felice, in this fantasy adventure with talking animals.