Sista Seties book 6 of 6 - Consequences of Being Jojo

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Consequences of Being JoJo

One… Two … Three… heartbeats away. Jocelyn is at crossroads in her existence. She has the life every woman dreams of. Exotic beauty, a profession she thrives at, adoring friends and family that love her. So what could have happened to drive the twenty-nine-year-old to suddenly plunge into the depths and darkness of pain and suffering? No one around Jocelyn saw the agony expect one man, one night that looked beyond her smile. JoJo has to decide if her life is worth fighting for or is it easier to slip away into the numbness and finally end the pain?

Carter Daniels a sexy womanizer who lives for today and doesn’t worry about tomorrow. That is until his world is blown apart and so is everything he thought he knew. Uncontrollable anger for missing the signs that cost him a friend and resulted in his injuries. Carter discovers by accident Jocelyn a family friend and the woman she spent one night with is teetering between life and death. Carter saw something in JoJo’s eyes their one night that tormented him ever since. Against the wishes of his family, he is determined to help her. Carter knows if he was ever going to recover fully from his disillusionment he has to help save JoJo. He failed one woman, but is he strong enough to save JoJo?

            Can two tortured souls help each other heal the wounds of their past and their present? Or are the consequences of being JoJo too much to overcome?