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      Hi! I’m Melissa, the maker behind Tortue Crafts. I’m a self-taught macrame maker - I learned how to do different knots from reading books, watching tutorial videos, researching on the internet and by practicing.

       It all started back in October 2017 when I started getting into houseplants. I wanted to do something to display some of them, so I started making plant hangers. The first ones were not aesthetically beautiful, of course, but after lots of practice I finally started making my own designs. My husband thought my creations were beautiful and said that people would buy them if I posted them, so I started selling on Etsy in January 2018.

       My macrame plant hangers are great if you are wanting to bring some greenery indoors and you’d like to showcase your beautiful plants in an elegant way. My smaller items, like keychains, diffusers and mini plant hangers are cute accessories to have for yourself, your home or your car. Any of my products also makes the perfect gift to give to family members and friends!

       Every macrame is handmade by me in Aurora, ON. It’s very important to me that every single item that I make is high quality, and so to deliver that I only use 100% premium quality natural cotton rope that I source from a family owned rope company in Hamilton, ON.

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