The Spring Moon


      Farheen Ali is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose works span a variety of art forms, such as medical illustration, Japanese Sumi-e brush painting and jewelry art.

       Farheen has always been intrigued by hidden connections in our everyday world. Whether it is the way the branches of a tree mimic the branching arteries and vessels in the human body, or how natural stone and can be ground to make paint for a painting, it’s these shared interrelationships which drive all her work. Her jewelry too, builds on these connections by creating pieces exclusively for museums which are inspired by manuscripts and artwork in their collections. Many of these pieces are currently being exhibited at the Aga Khan Museum and Gardiner Museum shops.

      Farheen creates her jewelry works under the name “The Spring Moon” which was given by her Japanese Sumi-e instructor after a 5 year-long apprenticeship. By using this name for her jewelry works, it is her hope that all who wear her art forms will become a part of her ongoing creative journey, weaving their own unique stories into each piece they wear.

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