Shelley Clark creates handmade functional pottery out of her home studio nestled in Holland Landing.

      Vintage vibes and natural surroundings are the inspiration behind the designs of ShelleyPots. Creating whatever comes to mind, each piece is one of a kind. Her design techniques include the use of glaze, underglaze transfers, underglaze paint, wax resist, scrafitto, carving, and handbuilding. Her pottery is pretty and delicate yet durable enough to be used, enjoyed, and displayed. Her pieces are food and dishwasher safe and will last a lifetime with good care.

      Shelley discovered a passion for clay at a young age learning to throw on a kick wheel in Ottawa, Ontario. Pottery remained a hobby in the background throughout life, and Shelley took classes when she could. In 2019, she bought her own wheel but did not use it that often since life was too busy with work and a young family. As the pandemic hit, Shelley found herself working from home and it wasn’t long before she was spending every spare moment at the wheel. The discovery of local kiln service to actually fire and finish her pieces, changed her outlook completely and she is now actively pursuing her passion for pottery!

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