Mischief and Mayhem Soap Company


      Mattia and Eva are the Brother-Sister Duo that created Mischief & Mayhem Soap Company.  These siblings are the best friends that always seem to find themselves in some sort of trouble.  Hence the company name.  To keep themselves busy and out of peril, they began formulating bath and body products.  Bath bombs, body butter and whipped soaps are only a few things that they create.  All products are handmade and tested by them (and their very lucky family) in their soap shop.  

      Making quality bath and body products is something that Mattia and Eva absolutely love to do and they would love to welcome anyone who wants to come along for the soapy ride!

       For a larger selection of products by Mischief and Mayhem Soap Company come visit us in store!

      2 products

      2 products