Lora's Lovables

      "Hi! My name is Loredana. I am a nurse at the hospital during the weekdays, a gardener during the weekends, and an avid crocheter any time in between.

      Several years ago, the search for a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift made me want to learn to crochet. That was when I made my first amigurumi, a little peach coloured teddy bear (amigurumi = small crocheted stuffed creature).

      Then, I made more. And then, my friends started asking me for special orders. That's how Lora's Lovables was born.

      As a self-taught crocheter and after many long hours of trial and error, I eventually started designing my own pieces and what started as a quest for a one of a kind, soon became a passion. It helps me unwind after a heavy day at the hospital and allows me to find myself through creativity.  But most importantly, my creations at Lora’s Lovables help bring JOY to people like you!

      All Lovables are handmade by me, with much love and care, in my hometown of East Gwillimbury. Thank you and have a joyful time exploring  them all!

      6 products

      6 products