Hiraeth Unedited

      I am a self-taught travel and landscape photographer from Keswick. Hiraeth (pronounced he-writhe) Unedited is all about exploring the unfiltered, imperfect beauty of the world around us through photography and storytelling.

      I am passionate about creating authentic, unfiltered photographs; I see my camera lens as an extension of my own imperfect self and unique vision of the world. Therefore, you won’t see any heavy editing in my photos but you will see what might be deemed “imperfections.” I think it is these imperfections that make things special, beautiful and worth preserving.

      I work mostly in travel photography, but I am ultimately driven by the spirit of hiraeth, a Welsh word roughly translating to “homesickness for a home that no longer is, or perhaps never was.” It is the quest for a feeling of home and all that “home” embodies that lies at the heart of my work. In addition to adventuring (in both small and grand forms!) I adore visiting the libraries and bookstores of the places I travel to and often find that feeling of “home” when I am in the stacks of libraries around the world.

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