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      I'm Laura, the maker behind Fluid Concept.  Fluid Concept blends a quirky combination of silk, resin and stone. 

      I am a multimedia artist.  My products vary from hand painted silks, to resin coasters, trays and wall art, to smudging products, to crystals.  I often combine resin with crystals, or other interesting combinations.

       I am a chronic migraineur.  I've come to recognize (and perhaps should have earlier!) that this means that the traditional workforce doesn't work well for me; I need to be able to work and manage my health and well being in a different way.  Fluid Concept was born from a desire to make a new path to independence.

      I love to bring my previous health and death care executive experience into my products, which you will find in my smudging line.  I was the Director of a residential hospice and taught about smudging by local practitioners.  I blend that knowledge with stone in the form of crystals, and tie my kits in recycled sari silk purchased from women led businesses in less fortunate areas of India.

      Responsible and sustainable (where possible) sourcing is very important to me, as is purchasing Canadian made base products when I can.  I use only the highest quality silk and (Canadian made!) resin, and most of my crystals are sourced from Brazil to ensure that they meet my quality standards.

       I hope you find a little something that brightens your day and brings a touch of uniqueness to your home.  I love working with clients to create custom orders as well.  If there is something you'd like, please feel free to contact me.  You can find me on Instagram @fluidconcept


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