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      I have been fusing glass for the last decade.  At first it was a hobby, and for the last five years it has been a very rewarding part-time career.  Glass fusing is the melting of glass sheets or pieces at very high temperatures until they become “fused” or in other words, joined into one layer. 

      I love the medium – glass has unique properties and by controlling the temperature, many different effects can be achieved.  A lower fusing temperature (1350 degrees Fahrenheit) will soften the edges and tack the glass together, while a higher fusing temperature (1480 degrees Fahrenheit) will cause a full fuse where the glass becomes one complete indistinguishable layer.  This allows for lots of play and lots of different options for making glass art.

      Because raw glass comes in so many colour combinations, every sheet is unique which makes each creation a one of a kind.   Join me in enjoying the colours I have used and the shapes that I have made, and find the unique one of a kind piece that is just for you!

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      15 products