Colourful Creations

      Hi I’m Mary Carleton, designer of Colourful Creations florals.  I was inspired to make arrangements by the beauty of my mother’s multi-coloured rose garden. I wanted to preserve their beauty so I began drying the roses at the end of each summer and used them in arrangements.

      I later discovered the elegance and longevity of well made artificial florals and greenery and how truly life-like they were. With the added bonus of not crumbling as dried flowers tend to do over time.

      Making arrangements has been very therapeutic for me and has certainly continued to be throughout these difficult covid times. They have lifted my spirits on so many occasions and I hope that they will lift yours too.

      A colourful quality floral arrangement can be the perfect gift to mark a special occasion or simply to decorate or create a focal point in any room. Notice that no two are alike. Each unique in different colour and texture.

      Thank you for supporting my floral obsession.
      Hope they inspire you with hope for better days ahead.

      10 products

      10 products