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      Hello friends,

      We are Moh and David, the owners of Ciao Ciao Décor.

      Home décor has always been one of our best interests, we always loved to DIY projects for our house and see what is trending and what people like to have at their homes. Because of this adoration for home décor, we started our small business from our house in Newmarket, Ontario during the lockdown like thousands of other people who inspired us and gave us the courage to do it, and we are very happy for what we have done so far.

      We make home décor ornaments that some of them are made of gypsum cement, and some are made of polymer clay. We really enjoy working with these two materials as they are versatile and give us a lot of freedom to create high quality products.

      We are very excited to make our first physical presence at The Maker’s Mark, big thanks go to Erin and Meghan for giving us this amazing opportunity to share our creations with y’all!

      Stay close and keep an eye on The Maker’s Mark website/Instagram and our Instagram page to be the first to see more of our new products that will be added in the future including pottery. We hope you'll love them as much as we do.
      Much love and stay safe.

      For a larger selection of products by Ciao Ciao Decor come visit us in store!

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