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      Chewie & Co is made ethically and responsibly, for the most comfortable and reliable clothing money can buy that you know you can trust and wear proudly. 100% Canadian, 100% Cotton and 100% Chic. Triple C Threat!

      ​I created Chewie & Co. to have and provide clothes that people can trust. I know where it comes from, how it’s made and by supporting our small business - you are supporting a fellow Canadian. My inspiration for this was my dog - Chewie. He is a German Shepherd, but his coloring for the breed is not very common. Like him, I wanted to create something uncommon but true to itself. Being a new, small Canadian company right now is a risk - but the thought of knowing my fellow Canadian’s will not only look good, but be supporting a 100% Canadian business and Chewie - it makes it even more worth it. I am very excited for the adventure to come.

      For a larger selection of products by Chewie & Co come visit us in store!

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