Charcoal & Rose Petals


      All ingredients used in my products are all natural, from the colorants used in the soaps to the essential oils in creams and salves. One of my favorite tricks is infusing oils with botanicals to extract their natural colors, aromas and healing properties.

      All soaps are vegan, as well as many of our other products! I also don’t sell any single-use plastics. All products that require containers come in beautiful glass jars or metal containers – which I encourage you to reuse after finishing the product.

      Charcoal & Rose Petals is operated by a 100% woman-run team. Employing women in my community for honest work for fair pay has always been a huge aspiration of mine, and it's thanks to all of your support that it is slowly coming true. Your support means the world to me and my team, so thank you.

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