Candle Creations


      I am a mom of two living in Caledon Ontario.

      I have always had a creative "bug", and I recently decided to try my
      hand at these candles that I had seen years ago.

      Each candle is made completely by hand, by me, with locally sourced materials - the
      core is hand poured, and then each candle is dipped in layers of
      colored wax, to achieve the desired effect (approximately 20-25
      layers), they are cut, carved and curled, while still warm and dipped
      in lacquer to give them a ceramic-like shine.
       Never for a moment did I think that I would be sharing my candles,
      and making a business out of it, but here I am!

      THANK YOU for the
      opportunity to share my very own creations and "sculptures".

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