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      I’m Lucy, the person behind “barbara marc”.   I’ve always been a maker.  For as long as I can remember,  I’ve found an inherent satisfaction in creating ...  be it art, clothing, stories, even meals, it doesn't matter.  Now, after a long stint in the corporate world, where I crafted stories and strategies for marketers, I am returning to my first love - I am again, a Maker.  The "studio" is overflowing with wood boards, canvases, stain and paint, markers and brushes, fabrics and yarn, and even a floor loom.  

      All of my signs are painted or stained wood or hardboard, with pine framing.  Text is painted (not vinyl).  I only use water based paint and stain. 

      Because of the natural variations and imperfections in wood, each sign will vary from the photos.   Sizing includes the frame.  There is a hanger included.  Some customization of size and colour is possible. 

      You can now find my sign décor at the Maker’s Mark. 

      I hope that you see yourselves in my signs and décor.  I hope that they say the things you might say or think, or don’t say and sometimes wish you had said.   I hope the words help you inject a little humour into your day-to-day and maybe even inspire you to face most days with a smile. 

      Almost everything is customizable or creatable.  If you don’t see something you like, I’d be happy to work with you and your ideas, to create a unique piece that give voice to what you want to say.

      For a larger selection of products by Barabra Marc Handmade come visit us in store!

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      10 products