Baking By Britt


       I initially started baking when I was about 14 years old, making goodies and birthday cakes for friends and family.  Even though they weren't anything too extravagant, everyone seemed really impressed, since the way to someone's heart IS with food.

       I also found out my neighbor was a professional cake decorator and had done everything there was to do in the baking world. Her name is Susan Trianos. Look her up, you'll see she's famous. She has always been my inspiration, I can only hope to be even half as good as she is one day. Sue so kindly offered for me to come over one night to watch her make this humongous 3 tier cake (no biggie for her). I was mesmerized watching her work. She even let me rollout little fondant balls, it was the most fun I could ever have, I will always remember that as the day I knew I wanted to be a baker. Sue became someone I would look so forward to talking to, I would count down the days until my parents were having a party in hopes I could ask her a million questions. I would write them all down and drill her the second she got in the door. She became the person I would go to crying when my fondant tore, or my cakepop fell off the stick, and not once has she ever made me feel stupid or that I can't be just as good as her one day. Sue has gone from neighbor to friend and I truly would not be where I am today had she not come into my life. 

       When I was 16 I got my first part-time job, the Sobey's bakery. I got to see what it was actually like to work in a commercial kitchen. I had an amazing boss who encouraged me to work up from bread packager to cake decorator, which was what I really wanted to be doing. Unfortunately, she retired after me working there for 3 years and that’s when I decided to leave Sobey’s. 

       I then began working from job to job, it became all about earning money and not if I enjoyed what I was doing. At this point baking had kind of paused, it was just no longer a priority. One day when I realized how miserable I was at these jobs, to cheer myself up, I made an Instagram account to share all the cakes I had made in the past. It made me happy to look back at them. Before I knew it I had coworkers, friends, family asking for me to make them things. I was very hesitant at first since a cake can be such a huge part of someones event, but now I am so glad I said yes. I even started attending school again, Baking and pastry arts at George Brown College. I was doing this on the side for about 2 years while still working other jobs. Until October of 2018 I got into a car accident. The truck, that I’m still to this day very emotionally attached to was totalled. I broke my foot in 4 different places and it had me sitting on the couch for months. The night before my accident I had baked dozens of cookies that I was making for fun, for Halloween. My family insisted I try to decorate them to get my mind off what had happened. My mom set everything up for me, got me in a comfy position at the table with my foot still elevated, so I can decorate away. This helped me so much in getting away from replaying the accident in my mind, but also to really take my time when decorating cookies and focusing on the little details. Cookies slowly became my passion, I liked them even more than cakes. Between decorating cookies and physiotherapy appointments I used this time to think of how I can turn baking into a job, since my lack of mobility left my last job with no choice but to let me go. I have since built a website, got my food handlers certificate, worked my butt off on branding, joined markets all over the place including Canada’s Wonderland and now retail stores! I even some how convinced my amazing parents to give up their dining room and turn it into a mini bakery so I can expand. 

       The rest is history. I am now 23 and a business owner, doing what I absolutely love to do! I now need to take moments like writing this, to remind myself of how proud I am of me. 

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